Patent attorneys specialising in computer-implemented inventions.

We take the time to identify and protect your intellectual property rights efficiently and cost-effectively.

Services We Offer

We work with a range of clients including individuals, start-ups, and multi-nationals to provide intellectual property solutions that can support and grow their businesses.


Patents protect technical inventions.  Blackwattle IP provides expertise in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the fields of electrical engineering, computer technology, software engineering, medical devices, video imaging, and business methods.

Trade Marks

Trade marks protect brands and logos.  Blackwattle IP can help protect your trade marks to secure a commercial advantage.


Designs protect visual features of a product.  Whether it be the shape and configuration of a new device or a new pattern applied to clothing, Blackwattle IP can help protect your design.

Who We Are

Blackwattle IP was founded in 2019.

The founding partner, Paul Mahony, has over 22 years’ experience in assisting a broad range of clients to identify, protect, and defend their innovations.  Blackwattle IP is here to help you navigate Australia’s patent law system to secure your intellectual property rights.

We use our specialised expertise in the Australian patent law system to protect software and computer-implemented inventions for our clients and obtain valid, enforceable rights in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Our Professional Staff are members of:

Why Choose Us

  • 20+ Years Experience
    in IP Law

  • Experts in Computer
    Implemented Inventions

  • Multiple Technology Sectors,
    ICT - Mining - Medical Devices
    - Engineering - Construction

Why Choose Us

  • Global Big Tech
    Client Representation

  • ICT Engineering
    Industry Experience

  • Personal Attention
    on every matter from
    Senior Partners

What Our Clients Say

  • “Paul is my go-to person in the computing technology, software and telecommunications fields, with exceptional attention to detail. No shortcuts are taken and no stone is left unturned. He is truly Australia’s leading patent attorney when it comes to manner of manufacture and patent eligibility type rejections, which are increasingly common.”

    IAM Patent 1000 2022
  • “Two key attributes which Mr. Mahony possesses are the depth of his subject matter knowledge and his ability to distil incredibly complex issues into clear and understandable points.”

    IAM Patent 1000 2022

Our team will personally work with you to navigate Australia's complex patent law system

We will take the time to identify your IP and protect those rights efficiently with expert representation every time.